Who We Are: 

CNC Solution was formed to provide the customer with an affordable CNC Router solution without sacrificing options or function. The company has 10 years of combined CNC Router experience in both sales and practical application in a production environment. This practical experience allows us a unique opportunity to look at the buying decision from the perspective of the customer.

CNC Solution is constantly working to improve the CNC Router experience. Our control system is straight-forward and easy to learn. Learning to operate a CNC Router is no longer a career choice but more like a couple of interesting afternoons. Our customers are then ready to put their machines to work in a production environment.

The company possesses expertise in the following areas:

  • CNC Router Cutting & Engraving Machine
  • Stepper Motor Controller & Drives
  • Servo Motor Controller & Drives
  • PCB Designing and Prototyping
  • Microcontroller Programming & Development
  • Software / Hardware Support
  • System Integrations

Mission Vision & Values:

CNC Solution aims to understand the needs of the small and growing business community that we serve. Our goal is to be your Automation & Electronics Partner and provide you with the type of service that will add value to your business.

CNC Solution vision is to be the best solution provider at national level, through collaborating with other companies of the industry and developing pool of expert, dedicated and thorough professionals. The excellence in quality is the first commitment in all our activities. We want to be recognized by our quality, as much by the clients, as by the principals/suppliers and the professional and social sectors in which we develop our activity.

We look forward to discussing your manufacturing requirements. Give us a call or email us to make arrangements for a live on-line video demonstration.


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