What Materials can you cut?

We can cut most sheet materials including non-ferrous metal. Like MDF, Plastic, PVC, Coria & Wood. Click here to see the full list of materials we can machine.

Can we cut both sides of a material ?

Yes we can cut both sides of material as per your required size and design.

How much space should I leave between parts on a board?

Please leave a minimum of 8mm.

How thick we can cut?

We can cut up 50mm thick. If you require something thicker we’re able to cut then bond together different layers to achieve the desired result.

What’s the biggest sheet size you can cut?

Our machine bed size is 8x4ft.

How small and shallow can we cut?

We can cut very small items but they will need tabs to hold them in place.

Can I supply my own cutters?

Unfortunately not.

Can you deliver at our site?

Yes, we provide a delivery service to Lahore/Islamabad. But if you’re a little further afield then let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Can you paint my items?

We can paint your items by  spray painting and we have plenty of painters associated with us that we can recommend to you as well.

Can i supply my own material?

Yes we should be able to help! Just get in contact with us and we’ll chat though your requirements!

When do I pay for my items?

We usually take payment up front. Although if you’re a regular customer we’re able to send an invoice with 10 days payment terms

Can you draw or format files?

Yes, we charge an hourly rate for this.

Can you cut a test piece for me first?

Yes we can. We will charge for the time.

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