CNC-6090 Mould Making CNC Router

At CNC Solution, we take great pride in manufacturing the most user-friendly, high quality, economical advanced CNC Routers.
CN Solution CNC Router adopt overall steel body, Linear Guideways and Ballscrews, it provides long lifetime, superior cutting and engraving quality, while requiring minimal maintenance.
Our CNC Router can be used for advertisement engraving and cutting, mold manufacturing, wood processing, craft manufacturing, light box cutting, building model cutting, indoor decoration cutting, light equipment mold processing, acrylic board processing with high precision and high speed.
Our  CNC Routers are easy to learn and operate, the control system of CNC Router is compatible with
Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Ucancam V9 and so on.

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Product Description

S# Description Parameter
1 Model CN-6090
2 Worktable Size (mm) 600*900
3 Max Moving Speed (mm/min) 8000
4 Max Machining Speed (mm/min) 4000
5 Machine Precision (mm) 0.02
6 Repeatability (mm) 0.01
7 XY Working Area (mm) 600*900
8 Gantry Height (mm) 100
9 Drive Type Micro-step Stepper Motor
10 Spindle (kw) 1.5
11 Spindle Speed (rpm) 0~24000
12 Spindle Tools ф3.715/ф6
13 Command Code HP-GL, G-code
14 Power Supply AC 220V±10%/50~60HZ
16 Warranty 12 Months(6 months for Spindle)


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